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Our time on Earth | Mattias A. Klum

Fotografiska 16 October, 2020 — 07 March, 2021

Bird by Mattias A. Klum
An explorer of Tellus, whose gaze and camera have, for over three decades, captured moments on Earth we will never forget.

Mattias A. Klum started as a photographer when he was 17. Later he was the first-ever Swede to have his photograph of a silvered leaf monkey on the cover of National Geographic. Since then, it’s been over 35 years of constant filming, writing, and photographing, where he’s passionately followed the changes in the planet’s nature, fauna, vulnerable cultures, and environments. He has shared these moments with a fascinated world, who through unique images got the chance to come along on his journeys. His motivation: to, through his love for nature and his holistic view on life, inspire the realization that it is how we use our time on Earth that decides its future. And he is hopeful.

“New techniques and more cyclic thinking in, for instance, food production, changes behaviors. And that development is advancing quickly, with the younger generation pushing it on, which gives hope for the future”, Mattias A. Klum says.